Why Are Rejections Important In life??

"Rejections are the stepping stone to success"

Yes, you read it correct. Today , we will gonna discuss on a very important topic and that is 'Rejection'.

How Rejections helps people to grow?

Do you have ever been rejected for any reason by someone?

If yes, so first congratulate yourself because, rejections has been proved to be one of the most turning point for everyone 's life. It emits out the spark in you and makes your personality more bright and radiant.

Well, before moving forward I would like to share you something.
 Yesterday  , I read one book named MOTIVATIONAL STORIES written by KEVIN JOHNSON and  there I come to know about so many famous ,renowned  and successful personalities of whom we all are very well known of.
And accordingly,I got inspired and thought to cover up this topic based on "Rejection".

Well, rejections cannot be denied. It is faced by each and every person in this universe.Whether it's you or it's me, it comes to everybody.
It helps you to mould your life and brings out the best in you.

Rejections also  helps you to change your personality as well as your behaviour to achieve your goals in the most desired manner.In each and every rejection you will be able to find  out the changes you need to make into yourself  to become more acceptable!

Rejections often helps people to change their vision and point of view regarding so many things which allows them to become Unique and different from the others. It also broaden ups the mind and create a good sense of humour!

To understand all the above points mentioned lets take an examples of the most successful personalities who have been rejected so many times but never gave up on their dreams and goals. 


The CEO of Apple.An Icon. An Ideal.
Before his successive stories and achievements was been rejected by the Boards Of Director from his own company he established.

J K Rowling-

World's most renowned author. 
The creator of Harry Potter.
She got rejected by almost 12 publishers for publishing her 1st copy of Harry Potter series.
But, now she is known to be the First Billionaire women whose main source of income is Writing. 

Michael Jordan-

The Icon of Basketball
Before he got success, he was been rejected by the varsity team.That single rejection proved to be his life changing movement which boosts up his life in basketball career. 

Eminem(Marshall Bruce) ,Madonna Louise,Thomas Edison,Lady Gaga, Walt Disney,Sachin Tendulkar and many more..  

All these Amazing Icon's faced Rejection, because of which, we know them, we follow them and also we learn from them.
Rejections doesn't stop them to achieve their goals.They didn't gave up in any of the situations.They proved themselves to be called as an Icon's!

And, If it comes to you, than
Accept it.Take it. Face it. Fight it.Learn from it.Be strong.Be Motivated.
Move on!! 

|Thank you so much for being here|

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  1. I simply wanted to write down a quick word to say thanks to you for those wonderful tips and hints about being rejected in life... you are showing on this blog❤️😍.

    1. Pleasured❤ and tysm for your positive feedback.

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    1. Thnkyou so much for your positive feedback 🙂

  3. Speechless yaar no words to define any thing about this thought .thank you so much to gives a tip and motivate about this dear


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