What Makes You Different From The Others??

| Being Different Is Amazing|

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You must be having alot of people into your life,right? And each of them carry's thier own Personality and reflection.  Some of them will be good, some bad, some caring, some mean and  some would be loving,etc...and you know  what actually  defines them? Is their Character!

Well do you ever think??  


You must have use the phrase that "I am not like everyone okay!"But, do you ever realize "what differentiates You from the others? If not, then you need to know yourself more better ! Let me help you in that!

Nowadays,everyone is following the new trendz running into  the  industry right? And if you are not following them,you become so unfashionable and traditional or will be called as "Illliterate".But is it necessary to follow them ??So, my answer will be definitely 'No'.Because their thinking will not gonna effect me and my lifestyle.

Its my Life ,I will direct it on my own way!
Instead of following others why shouldn't I start up my own trend? And lets people follow my path and start up a new trend . Isn't amazing?? It is actually. If you think the same, You are already into the category  of "Being Different"

Okay now I am putting You into 1 situation,be ready!  

For an example, You are building up an Empire,You have hired a big man-power to complete up your project, you have made everything easier for them to build  up Your Empire in the best way possible.Everything was going good and you have even completed 90% of your project .
Suddenly,something wents wrong and you have lost  everything you have build up yet. Now what will be you gonna doing?? 
Let me help you here.Now You have two options with You at the moment.

(1) You will lose hope and get depressed,like everything got over. 

(2) You will take a stand,move forward,stay strong, believe in yourself and again try to build up 
Your Empire until it gets complicated !

And , if You are really different  from the others, then you will be definitely gonna choose the 2nd one for sure! 

Similarly, in the world full of 'Socialism',if you are living your life into your own terms and condtions,
taking your life decisions without being interrupted by anyone ,
setting up your  goals and passionately working to achieve it,
Inspite of having a fear of "what people thinks about you" or "What people says about you" ?
You are Flawlessly moving forward,
 Being Cherrish, Expressive and making your  life worthy.
Then, trust me you are just awesome and amazingly different from the others!!

 Well you must be heard of "Mindset",right?

Everyone in this world carry's their own
state of mind whether it can be Negative Or it it can be Positive.
Always remember Positivity comes from your Heart whereas Negativity comes from the people You are surrounded with!

For an example, If you define someone to be Good or Bad. So, what actually makes you to decide whether that person is good or bad??
It is your mindset that allows you to do that.

If You have a positive mindset You will always see Good in others and vice versa!

Similarly,I can't do it, Its Impossible, Its such a difficult task,etc...and also I can do this, Its hard but not Impossible, It will be difficult for me but I will accept the Challenge, etc.. are some Examples of What defines your Mindset for "Being Different".

So,its totally your choice to choose the correct  Mindset which allows  You to become different from the others!!

Moreover, I can say that,  "Uniqueness" is found in everybody,but to know Yourself,you have to explore within Yourself,then only  you will be able to find out the difference between You and the people You are surrounded around with!

Well, its not over yet! This topic is actually very big,because differences and uniqueness has no end I guess!
But I will not stretch it any more!

So ending up here! I hope I helped You out  finding "What makes you different from the others "and I hope You liked it.

Please share your comments or views regarding this post below in the comment box .You can even share what makes you a Unique Personality.

Thank  You so much for being here


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