Some Interesting Facts About Blogging!

              WHY  BLOGGING  IS  SO

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Well its 11:07 am,I am still on my bed thinking what should be mine today's shedule???Frankly speaking I am so tired of my daily routine.So today,I decided to make a little difference in my day to day Life by doing or trying somethnig else.I really dont know whether it will gonna work for me or not but still Taking  a Deep Breath In here I began...

Okay so first,let me tell you somethng,from past few weeks i was just going on and on checking out diffterent diffferent kinds of blogs made by different different kinds of  people and trust me guys I am so inspired by them that I decided to create my own blog.Means like serioulsy??yeah its true.

Okay then,lemme share my experience why I found Blogging intresting and why I started Blogging???


      Yess its true,Blogging is super Expressive by its nature because,it actually convert your thoughts your ideas your vision into a writing form which allows you to go "Beyond Yourself" and even to identify your "Own Personality ".

You can actually express yourself into your Own kind.You are free from all the restrictions put on you which does not allow you to Grow,Build or Develope.Here,nobody will actually gonna stop you for sharing your own opinion on somethng.You can express yourself in every kind whether it can be in the form of painting,dancing,singing,writing or reading as well.

And I believe that,if you start Expressing yourself ,you then learn to Explore yourself in the deepest form of "BEING WHO YOU ARE".


      Blogging actually helps you to get connected with the whole world.It is not just limited within your geographical boundaries but it allows you to go beyond your network, your people and also your imagination.It helps breaks out the communicational gap between you and the people of all the different kinds globally.It gives you strength and more power to express your character in front of people worldwide without any hesitation of  what people thinks about you.

     One can share their life experiences with the help of Blogging which allows someone to get inspired or get motivated or even can change their life into some another direction.One can even  provide a perfect  guidance to the people who walks on the same track regarding  what is good or bad for that person because of his experience Into that field.Ofcourse,experience differs from person to person,it cannot be constant for everyone and blogging helps you to share your experiences on the global platform where you can help alot of people for making their life more beautiful and hassle free. 



So yeah,this is really an interesting one.You know what??
  Whatever u search into the google search box regarding anything or any question,,where does the answer comes from?? Well, it comes from the blogs posted by different different bloggers from their particular websites. Isn't amazing? for me it is.Because seriously I was really unaware of this thing but when I started exploring, I got my answer.
        With the help of Blogging one can share their knowledge or views or opinion on various topics and provide useful information or content  to the 'Information Seekers' .


       I believe that self  motivation  is an important tool or an important factor because of which someone doesn't gives up to achieve his desire goal.However,Blogging  helps to  boost up your motivational level to present yourself  globally with your creative ideas and personality.You can get inspired by many bloggers but when you start thinking that even I can do this,so this is your self motivation which allows to make difference in your life. 



     Yes its a fact that, Blogging helps you to get fame from your audience.More you post likewise blogs according to the audience need,they will definitely gonna follow you. Your advices,your suggestions and  your ideas makes alot of impact on the people you  are targeting. Once you get good number of followers your chance of being famous increases.People  will then start to recognize you as a 'Blogger'.



    However,it is an non - negligible point that Blogging helps to get a good source of income  or should I say its a  very vast platform from which you can earn  alot of income online as compared to your daily 9-5 job by simply posting up your blogs at regular intervals with good kind of niches.I can say that because I have gone through so many blogging vedios and blogs of so many different different bloggers and there they shared their mode of income which they earned through Blogging  which makes me realize that it is a good source of making money online.

So here, I end up my experience which is extremely not enough but I think I made you understand a bit of  WHY I FOUND BLOGGING INTERESTING.

And, I hope that above points will be helpful to you in some of a kind.

I request you to please share your comments in the form of ur opinion about this blog and also suggest me on what topic should I make my next blog on.
Your suggestion and comments will be highly appreciated.

 |||THANK YOU |||



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